Testimonials – Ireland

May 2012
Dear Ann, Thanks so much yet again for another illuminating step in the journey I began back in 2004 in SW England and continued in 2010 in Egypt.
This latest trip has exceeded all my expectations, Ireland’s rain record not withstanding.  Its brought back all sorts of memories of my first trip to Ireland so many years ago, but enabled me to appreciate the wonderful sacred sites and beautiful green countryside with new eyes, so much more knowledge.  Caits’ amazing wisdom and insight have been especially significant in answering many of my questions and changing my perceptions.
I look forward to your next adventure where ever it may be, and hope to see you again soon in Australia or UK. Peace and light  Barb – Canberra – Australia 
Sumptuous food, lovely accommodations, travelling companions which have become a family, beautiful and meaningful rituals and meditations, and gorgeous scenery.  A smooth running tour, which Ann has given a lot of thought to all the details.  Very well organised but within a freedom to follow the flow of events.  This is much more than just a tour, it is a journey of self discovery deep sharing and profound connection to the wonderous land of land.  Love and Light and song.  Gwen Faasen   USA
Wow, what a trip!  Your trips just give me so much Ann.  More than words can say.
You form very close friendship also, that last a lifetime.  Have a lot of fun and see so very much.
You actually “feel” the places that you go on your tours and learn so much from the places themselves.
We are not just “tourist” but pilgrims.  A much better way to travel.  As well as learning about Ireland, I have learnt so much about myself.  Bring on the South West England Trip!    Love always  Lara Cutting – Perth WA Australia
Dear Ann, Thank you so much for an incredible time in the last two weeks.  It is the best adventure, both outward and inward, that I have ever had.  I am so glad that I chose to come on  one of your tours.  I hope to come on more of your tours.  I find them rewarding, enriching, spiritual, value for money, bonding and fabulous.   It was so great to meet these wonderful like-minded women.
Special thanks to your inspiring facilitators.   Thank you again Ann for your well planned and creative master piece.  Love, Light, & Blessings.  Juliette, Mareeba Qld Australia
Ann, What an amazing 2 weeks! The time and effort and intent you put into planning the tour was so evident – thank you for choosing such awesome places and such incredible people to work with us.
I enjoyed it all and am glad to have spent time with this wonderful group of women, exploring beautiful Ireland and its history.     Lynette  USA
May 2005
This is our last morning and I am reflecting on a wonderful fortnight in Ireland. The organisation of this tour has been brilliant – wonderful food, travel and accommodation.
Our group was great – lots of cameraderie and fun, and this has enhanced the trip.
Most of all, thank you for the spirituality and the insighy into some of the sacred sites in Ireland. The faciltators, the meditations and rituals, and the energy in Ireland have made this an unforgettable experience, which I will alwasy value. The theatre night was superb!!! Thank you!!!!  Peace and Love Robyn Fuller – Port Macquarie NSW
What an experience!
I’m so sorry our journey together ends today. It has been a magical experience. The beautiful Irish countryside, the warmth of the Irish people in the B & B’s, the quality of the accommodation, and the gourmet food. Every bit of it was wonderful, but the best part of it of course, were the Sacred Sites, the spirituality at these sites is unexplanable and has to be experienced in person.  Your knowledge and the knowledge of the facilitators was invaluable our singing bus driver was a bonus.  I will certainly talk about this Tour to everyone and anyone that even so much as touches on the subject. Thank you again Ann and our fellow travellers. A fantastic Group and a Fantastic Tour. Trudie Lam – Doncaster – Vic
Thank you for the opportunity to experince Ireland at a much deeper level than I would otherwise hve experienced. As I don’t “see” but ‘experience’ at another level, (awarenes of what I have received may take some to demonstrate itself. But will,) There is a little that I can add. However at the outer level, the company, accommodation, cuisine and bodily comforts more than one might expect. A very big ‘Thank you’ –              Suzie Jones – Port Macquarie – NSW
I have experienced these last two weeks some very magical and wonderful moments! I feel I have reconnected with the earth and the elementals. The connection with our group was very special for me, being with them and yourself Ann has taught me a lot! I will miss them all as we go our seperate journeys. I loved sharing the journey with Janet and Gavin going to Hags Chair and the gift of perfume from the ancestors! How beautiful that was. Thank you for the great food – and the laughter!!   I am still processing the teachings and new knowledge and I will remember this trip as one of love and support and enlightenment. It was a great experience fabulous food and company.  Lynne Hall- Warragul – Vic
Many thanks to you and to the many wonderful “spirit ” guides who accompanied us on this wonderful magical mystery tour of the old mysterious places in the Ireland of our ancestors and a very warm thank you for looking aftter our contemporary worldly needs as well. Our spirits, our minds, our emotioins and our bodies were all treated to the most wonderful and beneficial nurturing, awakening, healing and feeding. A most joyful, challenging, mind-expanding, peaceful rewarding wonderful experience with the most wonderful inspiring group of wild, wild woman! I shall never be quite the same again. Thank the Goddess, love and many thanks Annie MacMahon- Burleigh Heads – Qld
July 2002
I had wanted to go to Ireland for aslong as I could remember, my heritage is mainly Irish and I have studied Celtic Spirituality, Mysticism and Culture. Ancient and Sacred Sites tour of Ireland was for me two things. 1 Fulfilling a life long dream to visit Eire. 2. Life changing spiritual experience. The food and accommodation were of high quality but for me it was the facilitators, Janet Farrar, Gavin Bone, Mark Mulvey and Adge. They imparted local knowledge, I was able to considate and bring to to life stuff I had only read about. All of us on the tour were studying or working with the healing energies, magick, spirituality and formed strong friendship and memories that I will cherish all my life. I recommend anybody who wishes to see the real Ireland to take the mystical journey with Ann. Joe Sweeney – Stoneyford  Vic  Aust
Ireland – magical, mystical and downright friendly. For a trip of a lifetime the “ancient and sacred sites” tours of Ireland with Ann Maher (Ann Mason) is one to be experienced. Do not have the expectation of full on tourist-oriented tours, for this is not the essence of this trip. You actually experience the grass roots level of the real Ireland, with wonderful facilitators. Walking on moors, over rough terrain and all weather conditions is to be expected, but the beauty of thistrip is because you are out in nature enjoying the fresh air and true atmosphere of the countryside and its people. Meditation and connecting with your inner self are the true features of this spiritual odyssey. The accommodation and excellent. A trip that I highly recommend. Helen Dooley – Mildura Vic Aust
I had the good fortune to join Ann’s South West England and Ireland tours in 2002. I have traveled rather extensively over the past thirty years and must say that these tours were without doubt the best that I have been on, especially if you enjoy a bit of a challenge along with adventure, topped off with the best of accommodation, meals and facilitators. Congratulations Ann, cannot wait for your next destination. Pat Stiles – Melbourne, Vic Aust