Testimonials – Egypt

Egypt March 2010
Egypt called me and I have answered call and it has been a wonderful experience to visit this ancient land. To be re-acquainted with the Gods & Goddesses of this ancient land through their stories and ritual.  Through visiting the temples and experiencing the energy in these sacred places.
Anne – Adelaide – Australia
Once again I have visited the ancient land of Egypt, a land of incredible contrasts, and a land that has mesmerized me yet again.  The beauty, the history, the culture and the mystery have left me with a certainty that I will return again one day.  I can’t be sure when that will be but I know I will come, I feel a calling. The last time I visited, I came as a tourist, this time I have experienced so much more.  I feel privileged to have experienced a tour such as this; I will miss each and every one of the companions who shared in this with me.
Tanya Winter – Adelaide – Australia
Egypt has always been near the top my list of places to visit, but I didn’t want to do an ordinary tourist rush through popular monuments.
As soon as I received Ann’s brochure I knew this was the trip I’d been waiting for.  For me, the two most important aspects have been the contributions by everyone in the group, and the privilege of private visits to some of the beautiful and significant sites.
We had been so honored to be able to benefit from Ann’s wonderfully unobtrusive organization skills.   Caitlin’s wisdom and learning, Mahmond’s vast expertise in Egyptology, Gwen’s beautiful sings, Toni’s amazing dancing, Mark’s sense of fun…its been a wonderful group of people to share such an important journey with.
My special memories are the dawn ceremony between the paws of the Sphinx, and the Temple of Isis at Philae, and the mystical sight of the pyramids at sunrise and no tourist anywhere.   The ceremony in Unas’ tomb was especially moving.
When I see the hordes of people filing and milling around popular sites like Karnack and the Temple of Man, I can say “Thank you, Ann”  for arranging such an amazing trip for 12 of us.
Barbara Smith – Canberra – Australia
I always had a yearning to go to Egypt.  I’m so glad I went with Ann (Ancient & Sacred Sites Tours.) It was truly a life changing experience for me and our group was a mixture of people from all places who came together as one.   I have met friends who I will now have for life.   I always felt safe here in Egypt, our guide was brilliant, so knowledgeable.
We learnt so much and had so much fun, if you want a spiritual journey, that is safe, and fun as well this is perfect for you.  Ann is a wonderful woman, truly gifted and down to earth.  Having private access to some temples was the icing on the cake.   And I wouldn’t want to have missed this.  It was truly perfect journey.
I’m really going to miss our group; we always called us ‘the family’.
Blessings Lara Cutting – Perth – Australia
I have been to Egypt before but was saddened by the inability to sit at peace in sacred places due to the general hustle and bustle of life here.
Ann promised to provide a tour with sacred space, both spiritually and physically and we got this.  It has been wonderful to sit and commune with the earth in these places, feeling both at one and protected.  Many thanks and love and light to all on the way forward.
Lots of Love  Antonia Newlands – Auckland – New Zealand
What an extraordinary trip this has been!  Ann goes way beyond the normal tour facilitator, she was always aware of everyone’s needs, and worked to maintain a beautiful harmony between us all.  My travelling companions have become my family ?.
The choice and pace of the tour flowed smoothly.   Out “on the ground guide” was superbly knowledgeable and made him accessible at all times for any of our questions!  I hope to go on more of Ann’s tours in the future!
Gwen Faasen,  USA
A truly magickal tour conducted skillfully and with deep knowledge of the mysteries of this enchanted land – I particularly appreciated the extra time allowed to absorb the wonders experiences that came from the rituals – an essential requirement for a spiritual tours,  great care was taken to make each guest feel comfortable, and at home as we navigated sometimes unfamiliar landscapes – our guide, especially showed great attention to detail, often anticipating our needs and answering questions before they were asked.
Extraordinary, private access to the most remarkable temples and other sacred sites was the jewel in the crown of our triumphal process along the length of the Nile – so great thanks to Ann and to Caitlin for organising and scripting a truly memorable and illuminating pilgrimage.
Jeff Greenslade – London – UK
This was a trip of a lifetime for me and the tour was excellent, met some genuinely interesting people which made the trip truly memorable.
An excellent itinerary skillfully executed by Ann, and Mahmoud was superb.  Caitlin made me feel welcome in the rituals even though I had not done anything like it before.  An amazing trip I will remember for every.
Thank you Mark Licino – London – UK
I’ve wanted to come to Egypt since I was 8.  50 years later I made it and it is even more wonderful than I imagined.
The level of comfort and care re received throughout this pilgrimage made it a pleasure to participate in the life of Egypt.  We learned so much – the history, archeology and customs.  We can also now haggle and bargain with any market trader and negotiate ‘a special price’.  Wherever we journey – a new experience for us all.  Egypt gave us rich gifts and I hope we gladden its heart also. This tour surpassed expectation and gave great value for money but also awakened in us the treasures of wisdom that our spiritual path seeded within us.
Our organizer Ann was so full of common sense, unflappable, capable, loving and supportive of the times when we felt vulnerable.  No-one struggled alone with problems or upsets because the whole group become our family.  Our guide, Mahmoud, was a wonderful person who understood our needs on a spiritual tour were different from those of ordinary tourist.   He helped us extend our sight-seeing into other dimensions that made ancient Egypt alive for us.
The small size of the group made it a friendly, intimate and cheery experience.   Gently encouraging each other over early starts and some late nights, through the new experience of Egyptian life today.
Inshallah, we will come again to the Beloved Land.
Caitlin Matthews – Oxford – UK