Testimonials -SW

TOUR 2012

Dear Ann,  Thank you for an amazing journey, physical, intellectually, psychic and spiritual.   It was transformative experience for me, thanks to your wonderful efforts in planning, organising, and most of all designing this fascinating trip.

Your warmth and wisdom shine through all your work and you have an uncanny knack for making strangers fell like family.   I will miss you and my new best friends.   Thank you for being a true “Way Shower”  Love & hugs  Barbara Bradshaw  USA

Wonderful journeying with great friends from afar…  Every day a sheer delight.  Anne, what an amazing lady you are!  The feeling of being your family, as you surprise us every day….    Opening up our spirituality in your own so gentle way.  The places that you show to us, the laughs, and good times that we share.   The food, the wine! and amazing sights, that we would never know were there.   Your generosity of spirit, as you keep an eye on each chiding, guiding, helping us to the heights, I’d never reach!!!   Thank you just for being you, and the best tour of my life.   Never wanting this to end, all happiness no strife.  I wish you will Way Shower – as you amaze yourself (and us!).   Fabulous times together as we rode our “Angel” bus……  Much love, always  Judy Foort, Gold Coast Australia

Thank you Ann for opening up the spiritual riches of my home country.  The “experts” were gentle, knowledgeable and humble souls who delighted in sharing their knowledge. Your ability as an organiser coupled with a relaxed trusting nature makes for unobtrusive leadership, felt cared for my needs considered (MS!) without being made to feel a burden to the group.   Thank you for bring spiritual riches in down-to-earth packaging.   Faith Holland – London UK 

The intertwining threads of travel, journeying, inner searching, bonding with friends, and experiencing the joy of living on this beautiful planet, is woven on this extraordinary trip to make a wonderous tapestry rich with experiencing the land, cultural, people and your own inner path.   Ann has shown the way, for the true traveller, true searcher.   This is my 3rd trip with Ann, each experience that went beyond my expectation! much love, much graitutude!!!   Gwen Faasen – USA

Hmm, so much to write.   Ann, you never let us down.  Another amazing tour great company, great food, great accommodation, amazing sites.  But that isn’t even the best bit; The profound experiences you come away with can’t be measured.  I have learnt so much about myself, which is what I have been wanting.  I don’t really know how to put it into words.   But as they say, actions speak louder than words, and I will continue to follow you around the countryside!!! Three tours down, bring on the next one.   The bonds you make with people on each tour are as unique as they are strong, and love the large family, we are gathering from all parts of the world.  Love always  Lara – Perth – Australia 

TOUR 2010

Dear Ann,  Thank you so much for making this time and space available for me to re-attune myself to Mother Earth, the ancestors  and to my true self.  It has been so wonderful to journey with someone who is so passionate about their work.

Prior to this tour I did a 21 day coach tour around Britain and Ireland.  In hindsight I would have preferred to have used this time to travel with you.  This may be something you can think about – longer tours for those of us who want to experience ‘the real’ country.

There have been many challenges during the tour – many steps and hills to climb, battling the forces of nature.  However I managed to surmount these challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth.  This has been a wonderful learning experience for me.  Our special ‘guides’ Caitlin, Peter and Ronald were so knowledgeable and passionate about their specialises and were open to all questions.  Great choices Ann!

The accommodation was in most places very good and food excellent.  Especially in Boscastle!

The itinerary allowed us time rest and assimilate our experiences and I’m continuing my journey feeling refreshed and uplifted in Mind, Body and Spirit.

I enjoyed our ‘sisterhood’ and hope we shall stay in touch.  When you come out my way next let me know and we shall get together.  Enjoy your drum.  It is a very special one.  The spirit of the drum will assist you in days to come.  If you need to make a decision just play and chant and the answers will come.  Love & Blessing Lla`Rah Melbourne, Australia

Dear Ann, I salute your wise-woman self for creating, crafting and imagining this proundly powerful, spiritual tour.  This has been a transformational experience to for me that has brought me to greater gifts and knowings of myself and this sacred land.  You build an exceptional container through your choice of sites, guides and expression of your beautiful caring heart.  Thank you for your love and nuturing.  I am a big fan “all-ways”.  May your future be pregnant with many, inspiring, and expansive tours that touch the hearts of many.  In appriciation and honor of your service.  Alexandra, Vancover, Canada

TOUR 2009 – private 


Thank you very much for a magical week.  It is a pleasure to get to know you, and with you to experience and be immersed into the English country-side.   This is what I wanted to do, and our week’s tour together has absolutely been fulfilling and fun.  I wish you all the best with your tours now on, that you are ensconced in this your home country!!!

Love and Light Kerry  Anne Angwin.

TOUR 2004

Ann, What can I say – it’s been amazing on all levels. Dining like royalty, laughing like kids, connecting to the faeries, sprigins and the ancients oak and being in ancient sacred landscapes and stone circles. The information learned and gained from all your facilitators was priceless – so generous in their sharing – and the love that was received and passed by yourself was as though our group had reconnected from once before. I loved so much the elements and how they supported our journey, and I loved the space that you gave us to experience the land in our own way. You have put so much energy into organising the tour and for me I am so grateful – I journeyed through many areas – spiritually and physically and I thank you for the opportunity. Words at times can not show what a magical time I had – May you always receive the love, wisdom and blessings that those days have given me. Sam – Sydney – Australia

Ann, It’s been such a wonderful fortnight, exceeding all my expectations. What a difference it makes to visit these ancient sites with a spiritual intent and with like – minded people. We’ve had so many mystical and magical experiences – it was a real privilege to be able to visit places beyond the usual tourist routes. The itinerary was idea for the time available, both in the diversity of locations and the significance of the sites. It was lovely to have free time to do whatever we wished to do – meditate, photograph, explore …………….

The accommodation over all was comfortable and convenient, the food was a special highlight………… You’re put so much thought and planning into the tour, that I honestly can’t think of any suggestions or improvements. It has been one of the best organised tours I’ve been on, and I will certainly be recommending it to interested friends for future overseas holidays in UK.

Highlights? It’s hard to pick and chose, but they would have to include Ronald Hutton’s wonderfully clear and entertaining analysis of the Glastonbury and Arthurian legends, the magical and serene chalice gardens and well, sing the badgers feeding at Boscean Hotel gardens, visiting semi hidden Boscawen – Un Stone Circle with Andy Norfolk, sunset at Cape Cornwall, walking through St Nectan’s Glen to the Waterfall in the middle of the beautiful forest, discovering the beauty and magic of crop circles with Francine Blake, and seeing the sun setting at Stonehenge from the inside the circle of stones, after Caitlin Matthew’s peace ceremony. My favorite restaurant? The Edge at Port Issac. So many memories and so much fun, laughter and friendship with you, Trudie and Sam not forgetting our temperamental guiding spirit voice.  I shall be so sorry to say goodbye tomorrow and hope to see you all again once we are back in Australia after our various journeys. Very much thanks. Love Barbara Canberra Australia

Dear Ann, Today our journey into the world of magic ends and I must say I wish it would go on forever. Your Ancient Sacred Sites Tours was an experience I’ll treasurer forever. It was wonderful to share this journey with you, Sam & Barbara. The magic of the Stone circles that we visited, the scared wells, the beautiful countryside, the mystery of Dartmoor and so many wondrous moments we share in our meditations. The Crop circles in their immense size and intricate patterns were much more impressive that I ever imagined. Tintagel with its ancient ruins brought the time of King Arthur and Merlin alive. Camelot really existed and I was allowed to live it. The rugged coast of Cornwall was another wonderful sight at sunset and sunrise or anytime. The quaint little fishing villages, the friendly welcoming host in our B& B’s added to our perfect journey. Even the weather obliged all the way for us. amazing! Did you arrange this with the powers that be? I wonder?

Our hope our life’s path will cross and intertwine like the St Michaels and St Mary ley lines in the future and we’ll again go on a magical journey. Love and light Trudie

TOUR 2003

Well Ann, What CAN I say? !!! That was a wonderful, wonderful two weeks. What an introduction to the mystical, other landscape of Britain. I loved the way we were always connecting the inner and the outer – your instincts were usually spot on as to what to do where. Therefore became a rich experience for me – magnified through the group. I felt very, very privileged to have such wonderful guides – I’m sure none better could have been arranged. For this we must thank yo for your gift for making connections with people and attracting them at just the right place and time.

The balance of what we did seemed just right andd it was never too rushed. You have an excellent ‘product’ and should feel totally confident about what you are doing. You deserve all the success possible in future. I feel I’ve made really good friends and hope to see everyone again future. I head off on the rest of my journey feeling deeply healed and enriched by all the experiences and hopefully my eyes and ALL my senses will now be more fully tuned for what is to come. I will miss everyone but will think of you often. Margot – Flinders Island

Dear Ann, A wonderful time was had by all on the Ancient & Sacred Sites Tours of England. The facilitators you provided during the tour were all experts in their field. They were very interesting, informatative and passionate (as you are) about their varied interests. You were a great friend as well as our guide and put in 100% effort.  Some of the ancient sites tested our walking ability, but that only added to the adventure and journey. Even the weather for two weeks was perfect (although hot for England).

Our bus driver, John was a true character. He often kept us laughing with his wit and accent. He looked after us very well and was very patient waiting for us while we were on our walks. We were all like one happy family. Overall the tour was magical, educational, fun and relaxing.  The spirits were with us in more ways than one, including the spirits of the pubs. Good food was also a highlight of the tour and we all ate too much, but enjoyed it. Best of luck on your future tours and I am sure they will be successful. Enjoy your meditation and quiet time. Thank you for yourkindness, love and friendship. – My life has been greatly enriched and the experience will last forever. Toni – Melbourne

Ann, What more can I add to what my wife Toni has written. It was an experience that I have probably been looking for most of my life, certainly one I will remember and build on for the rest of it.  An added bonus of tour was the formation of new friendships, especially those of yourself, John, Margot the facilitators and our various hosts. On closing perhaps you could include the word “Gourmet” somewhere in the title of your tour. Mike – Melbourne

TOUR 2002

Ann, A great experience – even though I had visited many of the sites before having such knowledgeable and interesting facilitators in Ronald Hutton, Francine Blake, Caitlin Matthews and Andy Norfolk added a whole new dimension to the tour. They made it so much more meaningful and added a wealth of experiences that could not have been gained by just visiting a site. Thank you Ann for a truly memorable Immrama.   Avril Webb – Melbourne

The experience of journey to ancient and sacred sites and to have the best facilitators to guide and teach you, is certainly the highlight of the English odyssey. It is an adventure into yourself, where you can explore the strengths and weaknesses of your personality and are given the opportunity to grow spiritually as well as emotionally and mentally. The places that we visited left a profound and everlasting impression on the psyche. A memorable and wonderful experience, that I would not have missed for quid’s.  Helen Dooley – Mildura

Dear Ann, I had the good fortune to join Ann’s South West England and Ireland tours in 2002. I have traveled rather extensively over the past thirty years and must say that these tours were without doubt the best that I have been on, especially if you enjoy a bit of a challenge along with adventure, topped off with the best of accommodation, meals and facilitators. Congratulations Ann, cannot wait for your next destination. Pat Stiles – Melbourne

Dear Ann, Thank you so much for the opportunity to journey back in tome to wonderfully mysterious places from our past. I found the whole trip to be enlightening and enjoyable. I particularly loved the Crop Circles Conference and visiting the newly formed crop circles, and anybody that says this phenomenon is not real should really experience the powerful energy that these crop circles contain. I loved traveling over the English countryside to ancient sites which can only trigger the imagination and allow the feeling that we were experiencing a part of history. No matter that most were ruins, the imagination was given a tremendous workout. The information that you provided for the tour was excellent as were the facilitators that you introduced to share their knowledge the group. Thank you also for the wonderful accommodation that your provided throughout the tour. We were well fed and well housed, plus out bus driver was an absolute delight. I highly recommend your Ancient & Sacred Sites Tours to one and all. Good Luck with your next adventure. Sue Gillham – Melbourne