Your Inner Quest for the Grail

South West England Tours – Sacred Sites & Crops Circles

13th July to 24th July 2013

11 nights / 12 days  – Limtied to 10 people

See video clip below

Tour Highlights

  •  A Sacred Ritual at the centre of Stonehenge conducted by Caitlin Matthews
  • Workshop with Caitlin Matthews
  • Tintagel Castle, Merlin & King Arthur
  • Exploring the Crop Circles
  • Avebury – Sacred land of the Goddess with Peter Knight
  • Glastonbury Abbey and Tor – Mists of Avalon, Chalice Well with Ronald Hutton
  • Dowsing in Boscawen-Un Stone Circle
  • Quality accommodation and meals

I will take you on a journey of transformation starting at the birth place of King Arthur as we discover where legend and truth are enwined, as we realised that these places are important to set the scene as to where  we are travelling in our journey into the world of spirituality.

We will discover Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall like never before. An area rich in spirituality, legend and history, South West England was home to King Arthur, Joseph of Arimathea and the Druids who used the Stone Circles for sacred ceremonies and rituals.

Our eleven “Immrama” (Celtic word for Spiritual Journey) beginning in Cornwall embraces the compelling history of South West England and connects us to this powerful, sacred land. Throughout our journey, both spiritually and physically, we will visit the sacred sites of Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor and many of the hidden Stone Circles in Devon & Cornwall, unvisited by most tourists. You will experience relaxing meditations, Druidic rituals and specialised knowledge only available through small group interaction.

The tour stays in Four  locations.

  • Redruth
  • Boscastle
  • Wells
  • Salisbury

We will be accommodated in country bed and breakfast style guest house with full English breakfasts (vegetarians won’t miss out!) and the welcoming nature of friendly locals. Constant packing and unpacking is minimal, as we spend three nights in St Ives and two nights in Boscastle,  three nights in Wells, and Salisbury. This means plenty of time for powerful energies and relaxing meditations should ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Most meals are included but there will still be opportunities to eat out on your own. The tour includes a free day at Glastonbury,  to explore, rest or shop in this remarkable towns.

The open, spacious land of South West England is ideal for the sacred ceremonial sites of Stonehenge and Avebury. The Druids in ancient times used the natural open-aired amphitheatres of the land for their temples, allowing them direct access to the heavens.  Our Druid ritual in the centre of Stonehenge will encompass this very element as we  literally look to the skies!

South West England is renowned for its timeworn history, tradition, legend, secrets, myth and mystery, but none is perhaps more spectacular than the Crop Circles. Appearing overnight, intricate designs cover entire fields, often in conjunction with UFO sightings and other unexplained happenings. While in Avebury experiencing the Crop Circle phenomena you will be able meditate and dowse in these wonderful creations.

Also included in each tour is a specialised book detailing each area we visit. The book is background information designed to enhance your memory of the unique and powerful  elements of each place we visit, and  furthermore, make your own notes of special interest to yourself.