Seekers of Light

Date:  26th October to 7th November 2014

13 days / 12 Nights

Day One:


On your arrival at Lima Airport, you will be met and transfer to the Casa Andina Select in Lima, allowing yourself time to relax and unwind from your flights.   The hotel is located in the Miraflores, a district possessing a rich history and cultural wealth, preserving important legacies of pre-Columbian, Inca and colonial culture.  You will have a chance to walk and explore this area.  The evening will be for our welcome dinner to meet our fellow spiritual travellers.

Accommodation:  Casa Andina Select – Miraflores Meals:  Dinner

Day Two:

Lima to Cusco – Awakening the Puma

 We will have an early start as we leave Lima to flight to Cusco.  Cusco means the “naval of the world”, and it was the centre of the Incan Empire. Cusco is laid out in the form of a Puma – the second animal guide of the Incas and the guardian of the middle of the world.  The other two animal guides of the Incas are the serpent, the guardian of the lower world, and the condor, the guardian of the upper world.

 We will be met and transfer to our hotel, where we will then meet the spiritual group from the my first tour. In Cusco, we will allow you time acclimate to the 11,000 ft altitude, although for the first few days this is an ongoing process.  Do remember to take things easy, drink plenty of water, and eat lightly.  If you do this, you will adjust more easily.

Accommodation:                Taypikala Hotel                         Meals:  Breakfast & Dinner

Day Three:

Tipon and Kusillochayoc: Water is the pathway

After breakfast, we will go to Tipon, to the south of Cusco, up a winding dirt road at the top of a mountain, to the lush and magical site of Tipon. The water flowing from the top and through the left of the site and is said to be the merging of the female and male energies. It is also said to be a representation of the original Inca Empire – Chile, Equador, Peru and Bolivia. This ceremonial site has a feeling of serenity and peace. The waters here are purifying and uplifting, bringing together the masculine and feminine energies. We will undergo a special purification ceremony to begin our journey.

 Later on, we will continue to Kusilluchayoc, an ancient shrine hidden in the countryside, where we will connect with the living elements and release our heavy energies (Hucha), reconnect with what we are and surrender to our true essence of love by connecting to the womb of Mother Earth (Pachamama).

 Accommodation:                Taypikala Hotel                                      Meals:  Breakfast & Dinner

Day Four:

Cusco to Lake Titicaca

 Today we will leave Cusco and travel towards the Sacred Lake Titicaca birthplace of the children of the sun.  As this a ten hour journey whether you go by bus or train, we are taking the Andean Explorer train in the style of the great Pullman trains of the twenties, reminiscent of trains such as the Orient Express.  Along the way we will enjoy the changes of scenery an after leaving the mountain in Cusco and going south along the Urubamba River, we will enter the High Plateau, and on through the commercial centers of Juliaca and Puno.

 The train includes a dining car, car-bar, and outdoor observatory.  This train journey is one of the most luxurious and different way of travel between Cusco to Lake Titicaca.  We will be treated on on-board entertainment to hear the Peruvian music and singing, in their colourful clothes.

Once we arrive at Puno, we have a short journey to Chucuito where the Taypikala Lago Hotel overlooks Lake Titicaca.

 Accommodation: Taypikala Lago             Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon tea & Dinner

Day Five:

Aramu Muru or Willka Uta: House of Divinity

After breakfast, in the morning we will go to the Aramu Muru Doorway in Ajayu Marka.  The ancient name is Willka Uta, the house of the Sun or House of Divinity. We will walk on the Ceremonial Path starting from the drinking place of the Inca (where Inca drinks Light). In this place, we will do a solar practice to activate our Inner Sun in connection with the Father Sun. We will activate our cell from our Inner Su since our cells are small Suns and we can experience our body of Light.

Hiking by snake from the inner world of puma (this world) until we arrive at Condor (the upper world) where we will send messages to the Cosmos and listen to the answers.

We continue to the inter dimensional doorway of Lord Aramu Muru; then we can start to experience in the two columns of the gate of Light, then the doorway of divinity in connection with our hearts, which is the other doorway to our divinity.

 Accommodation: Taypikala Lago                                  Meals:  Breakfast & Dinner

Day Six:

 Amantani Island—The Island of Love—Uros Floating Islands

 We will transfers to the harbor of Puno to take a speedboat to take us towards the big part of Lake Titicaca, where the island of Love is located: this is Amantani Island, which is known for the remarkable Temples of Pachatata and Pachamama. The Ley Line to Mount Shasta passes through this island.

On the way to the top of the temples, we will stop at the Apachetas where we leave a stone with the heavy energy we want to leave. Pachatata (Cosmic Father) and Pachamama (Cosmic Mother) are located on the top of the island where we celebrate the ceremony of gratitude for our lives to the Beloved Divine Father and Mother.

This ceremony reflects the love that we have for ourselves. It is a special moment to renew our love to life. We will end our ceremony with a circle of energy, to do invocations to the directors of Temple of Illumination: the God and Goddess Meru, who are in the ethereal level of Lake Titicaca, with the open arms and hands we receive the gifts and blessings of the wonderful Beings of Light.

 In the afternoon, on the way back to Puno, we will visit the famous reed islands. Then, we will take a reed boat to do a dreaming ceremony, lying down on the boat and dreaming the kind of life we want in the future based on the intent of our Hearts, for the new life of a new YOU

 Accommodation: Taypikala Lago                                                  Meals:  Breakfast & Dinner

Day Seven:


Today, we will go to a magnificent site called Sillustani, which is a place of a remarkable telluric force.  This is on a small plateau from where it is possible to see Lake Umayo and the mountains.

In Sillustani, we will work at the Temple of Fire on our connection with Cosmic Spiral; we will visit the Chullpas (Burial Towers) which have the secret of rebirth. This cemetery-temple will be a witness of the ceremony of the Solar Disc imposition in each of us, with the hope that we remember that, to be children of the Sun, is to be clear, transparent, bright, warm, resplendent, shinning, and luminous.

 Accommodation: Taypikala Lago                  Meals:  Breakfast & Dinner

Day Eight:

Moon Island and Sun Island for spiritual work

Our journey starts early in order to have a long bus ride to get to Bolivia, passing through immigration in order to get the Visa to enter the country. We will be driven to Copacabana where we will take a regular boat to go to the Moon Island. Once there, we will perform a ceremony to connect with the feminine energy which focus is the Lake Titicaca. This is a special place to meditate and feel the peace of the area harmonizing our chakras.

After being at this magical place, we then travel by boat to the Sun Island where we will spend the night.

Accommodation:                 TBA                      Meals Breakfast, & Dinner

Day Nine:

The Sun Island and its Archaeological Sites

This is another special day since we will visit sacred places in the Sun Island, such as the Fountain of eternal youth, Pilcocaina, that means, “Where birds sleep”. This island is a point of great energy, so ceremonies will be to refine our own energy, purifying it to connect with our Inner Sun, the Father Sun and with the Sun behind the Sun.

Afterwards we will return to Copacabana by boat and will drive to Huatajata to spend the night.

Accommodation: Inca Utama Hotel & Spa                         Meals Breakfast, & Dinner

Day Ten:

 Bus Ride to Tiwanaku

In the morning, we will drive towards Tiwanaku, (The Temple of Wiracocha), with its “Temple of all the Religions”, Kalasasaya, where the principal monoliths are found, and also La Puerta del Sol (The Door of the Sun) where the Sun God “Inti” can be seen holding seven serpents, symbols of wisdom.

They also represent the Seven Rays and all the Sevens of the Universe. At the pyramid of Akapana, a magnetic point, you can practice energy exercise. Then, we will go to Puma Punku to see the megalithic stones and connect with the energy of the site.

 Accommodation: Hotel Akapana                             Meals Breakfast, & Dinner

Day Eleven:

Bus ride to La Paz

After breakfast, we will have an enchanting bus ride across the Altiplano towards La Paz City. In this city, we will visit the Witch Market or Mercado de Brujos, where Quechua and Aymara medicines, healing remedies, lucky charms and spells are sold. Here will be in touch with the traditions and beliefs of people, which are so strong, since they are part of their culture.

We will continue with a city tour and then return to the hotel

Accommodation: Hotel Boutique El Consulado            Meals: Breakfast, & Dinner

Day Twelve:

Fly from La Paz to Lima

Today, we will say bye to the Andes since we will fly to Lima. Then we will transfer to the airport in Alto La Paz to Lima.  We will stay overnight in Lima, and have a farewell dinner reflecting together on our journey through Peru and Bolivia. We will again stay in the Hotel Casa Andina Select in the Miraflores area.

Accommodation: Casa Andina Select – Miraflores       Meals Breakfast, & Dinner

Day Thirteen:

Flight Home

This is the final day and you will transfer to your flight for your journey home.

Having experienced the spiritual energy of Peru and Bolivia, this will have been a journey of transformation on all levels: mind, body and spirit.

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