Peru & Bolivia Overview

Tour One  –  Awakening your Spirit

Dates 15th October to 26th October 2014

12 days / 11 Nights

Tour Highlights

    • Visiting Machu Picchu
    • Ceremonies in the Sacred Valley
    • Working with Q’eros Shamans
    • Andean Mountain Community
    • Staying at beautiful Willka T’ika Garden Guest House

 Tour Two – Seekers of the Light 

Dates  26th October to 7th Novbember 2014

 13 days / 12 Nights

 Tour Highlights:-

    • Visiting and staying on the Sun Island in Bolivia
    • Ceremonies in the Lake Titicaca area
    • Aramu Maru Doorway
    • Working with Aymara Shamans (called Yatiris) in Puno & Bolivia
    • Andean Explorer Train(Orient Express of Peru)  from Cusco to Lake Titicaca

Peru and Bolivia

What comes to mind when you hear that people have travelled to Peru and Bolivia?  Incas, Machu Picchu, mystery, adventure and excitement within a culture that is very different to our everyday life?

What is interesting about this culture is that the Inca are only part of the spirituality and historical aspect of Peru and Bolivia; in fact, it we know that an earlier civilisation existed around Lake Titicaca and the top of Bolivia.  They were known as the Tiwanaku people and the more that is being uncovered about them, the more mysterious it becomes. It has been recognized by Andean Scholars as one of the most important precursors to the Inca Empire and that they flourished for over 500 years. Within a 400 acre city and ritual complex only 10% has been excavated.  Archaeologists remain uncertain as to the application of the technology the Tiwanaku used in their construction, and are still looking for answers.

Due to recent discoveries, such as finding a Tiwanaku city under Lake Titicaca, we now think perhaps this civilisation is more like 12,000 years old, and evidence on the Island of Sun suggests that the Inca incorporated some of their traditions and ways.  As the Island of Sun and Moon are recognised by the Inca’s to be the birthplace of the Sun and Moon, it was a place of pilgrimage for the them. The Tiwanaku people recognised these islands as pilgrimage route too.  What power lies in this area for to be such a very spiritual place?

To allow you to experience the two different areas, one Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley, the other Lake Titicaca, Sun Island, and Tiwanaku, I have organised two tours. The first one will be from the 15th October to 26th October 2014, and the second 26th October to 7th November 2014.  You will have the option as to do either tour or both. If you chose to both you will receive a discount on the second tour.

As this is a spiritual journey of transformation, on my tours I allow time to fully integrate and immerse ourselves in the spirituality and feel the energy of a place rather than just viewing the sacred sites.

Each tour will visit different places, and the overlap will be at Cusco, but again we are not visiting all the same places.  As well as different places, we will be working with different Shamans, or as they are called in the different regions Q’eros Shamans in Cusco and Aymara Shamans (called Yatiris) in Puno and Bolivia.

Our first tour “Awakening your Spirit”  will begin in Lima where we will be staying the night at Casa Andina Select Hotel, allowing you time to relax after your flights and then in the evening to attend a welcome dinner to meet your fellow spiritual travellers. The next day we leave Lima on an hour’s flight to Cusco where we stay for 2 nights, allowing us to explore the former capital of the Inca Empire, with a mix of the original Inca architecture and the ornate baroque churches, as well as visiting the surrounding areas, where we will visit sacred sites.  Throughout our journey, we will be participating in ceremonies, meditations, understanding the spirituality of Peru and Bolivia.

Then next day we be will travelling to the Sacred Valley, taking in the energy of the land, as we drive through the spectacular Andean landscape, experiencing  the mountainous scenery.  We will visit various places along the way, and finally arrive at the Willka Tika luxury retreat, which features accommodation built using sustainable principles and is set in beautiful chakra garden.  Here you will get a chance to allow your body and soul to drink in the atmosphere and just learn to be and forget the outside world.IMGP2604

Over the next 3 days we will explore the Sacred Valley, unplugging ourselves from the modern world and opening our spiritual selves to the Andean energies. In Peru, it is too easy to pass by something that didn’t match our expectations of our known world; you need to be aware this is a different culture.  You will find that things tend to come to you more readily if you do not go looking for it. Often in surprising ways, this teaches you to see the world in a different way.

Our next part of the journey takes us to Machu Picchu where we will explore and connect to the ‘City of Light’ over the next 2 days. We will for 1 night in Aguas Calientes at the Andina Lujo Hotel. Then we return to the retreat for a further 3 days. During this time we visit Andean mountain school, an isolated high mountain community, which few tourists are privileged to visit. On our farewell evening, we enjoy musical celebrations and dinner.

Early in the morning, we depart from the Willka T’ika to Cusco Airport for people who are not travelling on the second tour.  We will be once again stay at the Casa Andina Select. In the morning you will be transferred to the Airport for your flight home.

Those who are travelling on with the second tour down to Lake Titicaca and Bolivia will stay in Cusco at the Taypikala Hotel, waiting for the new spiritual travellers to join them from Lima.

Train ride from Cusco and Puno

Our second tour “Seekers of light “is very different to the first tour. We will travel from Cusco in Peru to La Paza in Bolivia.

Before we take this part of our spiritual journey, our fellow travellers who have joined us will stay in Lima on their first night and then catch a flight to Cusco, where both groups will have a chance to meet before starting our spiritual adventure.  We will have another day in Cusco to experience Tipon and Kusilluchayoc sacred sites and allow the second group to acclimatise to the altitude.

The following morning, we will travel on the Andean Explorer train in the style of the great Pullman trains of the twenties, reminiscent of trains such as the Orient Express. During this 10 hour journey to Puno on Lake Titicaca, we will experience a change in the countryside, from the mountains to rolling plains, and to the lake itself.

Once we arrive in Puno, we travel to our hotel Taypikala Lago which is situated at Chucuito, overlooking Lake Titicaca, we will be based here for the 4 days.  During that time, we will visit and experience many sacred sites within the area, including Aramu Maru Doorway, Amantani Island – the island of love, and Uros floating islands and finally an incredible site called Sillustani. At these sites, we will be working with the Yatiris, ceremonies and meditations.



It now time to travel to the Island of Moon, and Sun, which is in the Bolivia side of Lake Titicaca. To allow us time to explore and work we will be staying at Challapampa on the Island of Sun. After our visit to this special island, we will go to Copacabana and on to Huatajata to spend night there.  In the morning, we will drive Tiwanaku, to see an amazing site that pre-dates in the Inca civilization. We will stay at the hotel close to this area.

We continue on our journey to La Paz, a city of contrasts; we enter from the sparse plains of the sprawling city of El Alto, an approach that hides the sensational surprise of the valley below.  In the first glimpse of La Paz you see the city’s buildings cling to the sides of the canyon and spill spectacularly downwards.  On a clear day, the imposing snowy Mt Illimani looms in the background.

We will continue with a city tour, and finally reach our hotel. The next day we catch a flight back to Lima, where we stay in Casa Andina Select Hotel celebrating our time together with a final farewell dinner. Our physical spiritual pilgrimage is finally over, but the experience and transformation will always be with you, allowing you to continue to grow.