Malta Overview

Hidden Mysteries of Malta

Date 11th June to 23rd June 2014

13 days / 12 Nights

Small Groups 

Tour Highlights:

  • Private Access to Temples in Malta and Gozo
  • Summer Solstice at Mnajdra
  • Facilitators Cait Branigan, Francis Xavier Aloisio & Michael John Mizzi
  • Staying in the medieval city of Mdina at the Xara Palace

Situated in the Mediterranean are three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.  Each one is unique.  They are rich in spirituality and archaeology dating back over 6000 years.  Through this rich landscape, we will be connecting to not only our past but also our own spirituality.

It is truly remarkable that these small islands’ spiritual energy has been present throughout  their history, from original Neolithic Temples, to when St Paul was shipwrecked in 60AD, to the Knights of St John when they arrived there in 1530 to build magnificent churches and fortifications that still stand.

Our journey we will take in its history and spirituality, connecting both to the land and allowing personal transformation as we open up to the mysteries of these sacred islands. To facilitate the process both Cait Branigan and I will be working with you.  Francis Xavier Aloisio, a Maltese author of Islands of Dream, which explores the link with Atlantis, will be a guest facilitator.  We will visit Gozo with John Michael Mizzi, who will show us the hidden parts of this beautiful island.

Our first part of our journey starts in Valletta where we will be staying for five days at the Grand Hotel Excelsior, taking in the truly old city, with its narrow streets, fascinating shops and lovely old balconied houses.  While staying here we will visit St John’s Co – Cathedral and The Grand Master’s Palace.

We have organised private access to Hagar Qim, Mnajdra, and the Hypogeum over the next few days, allowing us time to meditate and understand the history and spirituality of these places with our facilitators.

After experiencing some of the sacred sites,  to feel the special energy of these islands within the Mediterranean Sea and  to understand why they built the Temples here, as though it was the centre of the world at that time.

After our day on the Turkish gullet, we will be leaving the our hotel and we will have private access at two other sacred sites Ta Hagrut and Skorba which are close to the medieval city of Mdina. This city is called the ‘Silent City’, was once the home of the nobility, and is unchanged for centuries.  There is only one hotel in the city of Mdina, The Xara Place, a 17th century building. We will stay in this 5 – Star boutique hotel for one night.  This will allow you to explore the city in the evening and feel as you have” stepped back into the past”.

After our truly wondrous experience staying at The Xara Place, it is now time to have a change of pace, from the cities, to Gozo where we will be spending several nights in Maltese Farmhouse, allowing you to fully integrate what we have learnt and felt during our visit so far.  Time for healing, meditations, ceremonies and just time to explore the natural landscape of Gozo, and its hidden gems.   During our time on Gozo, we will have private access to Gjantita Temple dating back 3600 BC to experience the energy of this special sacred site.

After we have had our special time on Gozo, we will return to Malta and  stay at Phoenicia Hotel in Valletta, which stands just outside the city walls.  It architectural beauty classes it as one of the sights of Malta along with many buildings with Valletta.  We will be staying here for two nights, so that we have the opportunity to visit the 3 cities (Vittoriosa, Cospicua and Senglea).

Then our highlight is to visit Mnajdra again on 22nd June, to partake in the summer solstice when the sun makes it solar alignment. The sun appears over the hill opposite the temple of Mnajdra and the ray of sunlight enters the portal and lights up on the east north position of the temple megaliths.

This brings our spiritual retreat tour to end, and we have the rest of the day to wander around the beautiful city soaking up the Mediterranean sun.  Taking time to reflect on the time you have spent in spiritually energised country, connecting to the energy of the land, both past and present.

The next day, we will take you to Malta airport, for your return home or onward journey to some other place in Europe.