Awakening your Spirit

Date:  15th October to 26th October 2014

12 days / 11 Nights

Day One:

On arrival at Lima Airport you will be met and we will transfer to the Casa Andina Select in Lima, allowing time to relax and unwind from your flights.   The hotel is located in the Miraflores, a district possessing a rich history and cultural wealth, preserving important legacies of pre-Columbian, Inca and colonial culture.  You will have a chance to walk and explore this area.  The evening will be for our welcome dinner to meet our fellow spiritual travellers.

Accommodation:  Casa Andina Select – Miraflores            Meals:  Dinner

Day Two:

We will have an early start, as we will be flying from Lima to Cusco.  This is a short flight, approx one hour.  We will be met and transferred to our hotel, which is a comfortable hotel conveniently situated off the historic Plaza de Armas.  When we arrive in Cusco, we will allow you time acclimate to the 11,000 ft altitude, although for the first few days this is an ongoing process.  Do remember to take things easy, drink plenty of water, and eat lightly.  If you do this, you will adjust more easily.

Early afternoon we will meet our guide for a short walk to lunch followed by group orientation. In the late afternoon, we will walk through the cobblestone streets of Cusco’s San Blas district, where your guide will point out fascinating Inkan stonework en route to the Korikancha Temple, the holiest site during Inkan times.

Accommodation:  The Los Andes de American Hotel       Meals    Breakfast & Lunch

Day Three:

After breakfast, we will take you by bus to the Inkan ritual fountains at Tampumachay. “Where there is water, there is life.” To honour “Yaku” we will participate in a ceremony, the spirit of water, to open the body’s energy centres, activate and enhance your individual creative and healing forces. A brief traditional coca-leaf ceremony invites you to tap into the energies of Pachamama (Mother Earth). Then we continue to the awesome giant stones of Saksaywaman overlooking the city of Cusco where the group members may want to participate in a brief meditation. Afterwards, you will visit the sacred site of Kenko orQuenco.  You will often find with Peru that sites are name or spelt slightly different, but they are referring to the same site.

In the afternoon, you will have a free afternoon to explore the city center and visit the wonderful alpaca and silver shops around the main square or the local market. The group is free to dine in one of the many lively restaurants and coffee shops.  Alternatively, with your guide to help you, choose an optional Andean buffet dinner with folkloric singers and dancers.

Accommodation:  The Los Andes de American Hotel       Meals    Breakfast

Day Four:

After breakfast, we drive through spectacular Andean mountain scenery and meditate within the mysterious and magical Moray amphitheatre-like agricultural circles. The Willka T’ika Garden Guest House is in the Urubamba the Sacred Valley. According to the Inca Mythology, the valley had a sacred character because the river that flows along the valley (Urubamba River) was a mirror of the Milky Way, the celestial river. In the Sacred Valley, the Incas constructed a series of sanctuaries to observe and revere the constellations.    When we arrive, we will be in time for lunch and then give you a chance to settle into your luxury guest rooms leading out to flower-filled gardens.  At lunch, we will be introducing you to the friendly Quechua staff who will happily take care of our needs during the retreat.

After your orientation tour of the Seven Chakra Gardens at Willka T’ika, before dinner we will get together as a group in one of the beautiful rooms, ideal for Yoga, ceremony, meditation.  All the meals while at Willka T’ika are gourmet vegetarian cuisine freshly harvested from Willka T’ika’s organic gardens.  Meals are served at the following times while at the retreat: breakfast at 8.30 am, lunch 1 pm and dinner 6.30 pm each day.

Accommodation:  Willka T’ika Retreat                     Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day Five:

A precious day dedicated to Pachamama, Mother Earth allows guests to connect deeply with Nature in the spectacular Chakra Gardens blessed by pure Sacred Valley energies. Our guide will talk about the ceremony and the Qero Pakkos healers who will visit today. An optional hour hike in the neighbourhood of Rumichaka is offered before lunch. For those who prefer more activity, maps are available for more challenging hikes along scenic routes into Urubamba town.

Today you are encouraged to “unplug,” relax or meditate in the splendours of Nature. There is time to indulge in one of many Andean Spa offerings or schedule a brief private coca-leaf reading after lunch.

After an early dinner, an authentic Qero pakko healer and ritual specialist invites the group to participate in a special Andean offering ceremony to Pachamama. Conducted for personal healing and the well-being of the group, this ceremony has been practiced by the Quechua since pre-Inkan times. It concludes with a transformative fire ceremony that carries the offering essence into the Andean spirit-filled world, serving as a wonderful preparation of mind, body and spirit for a pilgrimage to Machu Picchu.

Accommodation:  Willka T’ika Retreat                     Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day Six:

The next day we will visit the spectacular ruins of P’isaq, which lie atop a hill at the entrance to the valley. Overlooking impressive Inkan terraces, you are invited to hike to the Inkan Temple of the Sun, a doorway to the upper Andean world of the Condor, messenger of the Gods.

Here we can walk in silence on our vision quest to open the third eye and find our personal vision for this journey. You will have the option to sit and meditate inside stone structures. For the more energetic, an optional hike down the mountain leads to the colourful market of P’isaq.

After our visit to the ruins, we will visit the colonial village P’isaq, lying beside the river, and the Inca fortress perched dramatically on a mountain spur above.  Here you will time to find lunch at one of the many cafes along the market square, filled with woven goods, jewellery, colourful wall hangings and hand-painted beadwork. You can observe colourfully dressed campesinos wearing traditional clothing coming to barter and sell their produce. P’isaq is a photographer’s dream. We will return to Willka T’ika with time for a late afternoon group gathering.

Accommodation:  Willka T’ika Retreat                     Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day Seven:

Today is early start to catch the bus and train to Aguas Calientes. A bus takes you to the sunlit terraces of Machu Picchu where you will enjoy a fabulous guided tour of the ancient “City of Light.” experiencing a journey through the masculine energy temples of political and spiritual power, followed by a deep reconnection of the feminine earth energies within the Divine Self.

The afternoon is free to hike or explore Machu Picchu or meditate on a hidden terrace after the hordes of tourists leave for lunch. The group will enjoy a delicious celebratory three-course dinner in one of the finest restaurants in Aguas Calientes.

Accommodation:  Hotel Andina Lujo                       Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day Eight:

Today you will once again be able to return Machu Picchu. There will various options open to each person so they can chose what suits them.  The energetic may wish to leave on the sunrise 5:30 am bus to enjoy the views or meditate in the crisp morning energies of Machu Picchu. Others may hike on a most invigorating and spectacular path that leads you away from the masses of tourists and up to the spectacular Machu Picchu Mountain Peak. Or, you can choose the ticket option to enjoy a more leisurely hike to the Inti Punku, Gateway to the Sun, and the original Inkan entrance to the city. We will all meet together in the hotel lobby for an afternoon train back to Ollantaytampu, then transferred back to Willka T’ika in time for dinner.

Accommodation:  Willka T’ika Retreat                     Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day Nine:

Today is very different to the that experienced by the normal tourist or even spiritual traveller; this heart-opening day begins with a very special visit to an Andean mountain school. For eighteen years, Carol Cumes, owner of Willka T’ika Retreat, has maintained contact with dedicated Quechua schoolteachers and traditionally dressed pupils in isolated high mountain communities where few tourists are privileged to visit. The non-profit Willka T’ika Children’s Fund created by Carol Cumes supports educational programs in four Quechua mountain schools.

With each visit, we are able to see how the Andean communities so dear to our hearts are progressing. In a reciprocal ayni exchange, the group offers an activity the children will enjoy. The warmth and joy of the children and their openness in bringing guests into their daily lives are special moments not easily forgotten. Visitors are always humbled and deeply moved by this cultural exchange.

After a picnic lunch along a beautiful valley river, the group returns to Willka T’ika with free time to relax or enjoy a massage or spa treatment.  An optional two and a half hour tour is included that afternoon to visit the ancient ruins at Ollantaytampu. This is the best surviving example of Inca city; it has narrow cobblestone streets and has been continuously inhabited since the 13th century.  Though this is fortress, it was also a temple, with a finely worked ceremonial centre is at the top of the terracing.

Accommodation:  Willka T’ika Retreat                     Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day Ten:

In the morning the group, will work together either before or after breakfast.  Then we have a chance to go into the town to visit the renowned Seminario ceramic studio, an alpaca factory store or the local market.  Those who wish can return swiftly on a motor taxi costing 3 soles for two people.

You will then enjoy a wonderful afternoon of mindfulness and integration at Willka T’ika. You can meditate in the Chakra Gardens of your choice and allow yourself time to receive ancestral crown chakra energies beneath the ancient lucuma tree.  Top quality Andean massages, crystal light therapy healing sessions, or incredibly relaxing and healing Breema sessions are available to pamper the body.

For the more active, you need to allow two hours to follow an easy map to hike along zigzag paths of the ancient Maras’s salt farms. Imagine salt streaming out of Pachamama since pre-Inkan times through a tiny opening in a mountainside surrounded by the spectacular snow peaks of Wakawillka and Chicon.  The Maras’s community has been farming these hundreds of evaporation salt flats, since the Inca times.

For our final farewell from Willka T’ika retreat, we will have an evening of musical celebration and dinner.

Accommodation:  Willka T’ika Retreat                     Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day Eleven:

Today the group will return to Cusco. Those not continuing with the tour to Lake Titicaca will return with me to Lima.  We will stay overnight in Lima, in preparation of your journey back to your country.

The group who will be continuing on the second tour “Seekers of Light tour “ will have be staying Cusco that night and will have the opportunity to once again explore Cusco.  The second tour will officially start tomorrow in the evening when the spiritual travellers join them from Lima for a welcome meal.

Cusco Accommodation:                Taypikala Hotel                                                     Meals:  Breakfast & Dinner

Lima Accommodation:   Casa Andina Select – Miraflores      Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Day Twelve:

This is the final day and you will transfer to your flight for your journey home.

After experiencing the spiritual energy of Peru, this has been a journey of transformation on all levels: mind, body and spirit.

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