Sacred Tours

Ancient and Sacred Sites Tours invites you on a spiritual journey to the magical sacred landscapes of Ireland, Malta and South West England. Experience the mystery of our ancestors. These are specialised tours allowing you to experience meditations, healing, rituals and receive knowledge through small group interaction.

These spiritual tours have developed from a dream: a passion to integrate the Ancient and Sacred temples with spiritual knowledge, wisdom and healing. Opening up an opportunity to connect your inner self to these powerful places. To enable you to experience them on a physical and spiritual level.

To allow our spiritual travelers to fully connect to these places we organise private access to places such as Stonehenge,  the Kings Chamber  within the Great Pyramid in Giza and Temple of Isis in Aswan and much more. Our sacred tours take you to the lands of Ancient Egypt winding down the Nile with its magical temples dedicated to their Gods and Goddesses. Within the sacred landscape of Britain and Ireland we reconnect to the hidden mysteries of the stone circles, passage tombs and Celtic and Arthurian myths. Exploring the latest crop circles close to Avebury, Silbury.

Each year we run sacred and spiritual tours to England, Egypt and Ireland that include the experience  of experts such as Caitlin Matthews, Ronald Hutton, Janet Farrar, Gavin Bone, and Peter Knight.  In Egypt we have our own Egyptologist.

So which spiritual place will you experience for your 2014 spiritual holiday, we have our sacred journeys to Ireland,  South West England and Egypt. Even though we are on spiritual journey, we do accommodate you in highest quality accommodation with the area we are staying. The Ireland and South West England dates for 2014 are coming soon.

 Exciting News  –  Malta 11th June to 23rd June 2014, and Peru 16th October to 26th October 2014 and 26th October to 7th November 2014

I have now visited Malta it is an incredible place with so many temples in such a small area. The temples are far older than pyramids and Stonehenge, it is though is was a sacred centre.

I have now visited Peru researched the country, visiting out of the way places, quality accommodation, and the standard that people have come to expect with my tours.   As with all my tours, I visit the country rather than a 3rd party set them up. I am now pleased that I will be running tours to Peru in 2014.

[audio:Freeform_Chant_Great_Pyramid 1.mp3|autostart=yes]

pause group chant audio before playing video

The chant you can hear is the group in the Great Pyramid while enjoying private access.